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Date: 5/17/2012
City: Makati
Date Paid: 4/1/2012
Government Unit: Land Transportation Office
Amount Paid: P 120
Type of Transaction: Vehicle Registration
Details: I recently renewed my vehicle registration with Land Transportation Office a day before the deadline. I learned that since 2000 there was an error in encoding the information about my car classified it under gasoline instead of diesel. A personnel approached me stressing that it will really take a very long time before my registration could be released and I will need to go to Pasig where I originally registered my car. In that person's calculation, it will take a month for my registration to be released and if I don't make it to the deadline they will have no choice but to charge me with penalty fee.. I clarified why I had to pay penalty fee since I submitted it before the deadline and the wrong encoding was not my fault. The personnel told me if I want, I can leave P2,800 for everything. I hesitated and left because it took me 3 hours already waiting for them. The following day I came back and still waited, nothing happened. Since it is already costing me too much (time), I paid P2,800 covering P2,300 for the registration + P380 for smoke emission + P120 "facilitation fee".
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